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Facebook Adds Addictive New ‘Instant Games’ Feature to Messenger


Twitter Releases Updated Safety and Privacy Guide for Users – Twitter has released a new version of its Safety and Privacy guide as part of its ongoing efforts to combat on-platform harassment and abuse.

Twitter Adds Direct Reply Count, New Ranking System on Replies

How To Be A Subject Matter Expert When You Don’t Know The Topic

Five Steps to Integrating Your Blog, Social Media, and Email Marketing

Five Steps to Integrating Your Blog, Social Media, and Email Marketing

The 2016 Holiday GIF Guide – We’re huge fans of using GIFs in email. And it seems you guys are, too: Last year’s GIF guide was one of our most popular posts of 2015. (Seriously – we received dozens of comments and tweets about how much you guys loved ‘em!) We didn’t want to keep you hanging this year. Our design team whipped up these exclusive creations (and threw in some old favorites) for you to use in your next holiday campaign. They’re even optimized for email and d…

How Unbounce Used Overlays to Get 3,000+ Leads [Case Studies]

4 Things That Should Be On Every CMO’s Wish List – With Thanksgiving now in our rear view mirror, it’s time to focus squarely on those items we all crave, pine and dare I say, yearn for as marketers. Ok perhaps a little melodramatic but you get the idea.  As kids of course we would make our wish list, and if we were lucky get a few of the items on it, like that way cool 10-speed bike I got when I was 14. Man I was the king of the neighborhood cruising on that beauty. I…

Get your website testing-ready with the Technical Optimizer’s Checklist