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How to Instagram Your Wedding [Infographic] – This infographic outlines how people can best utilize Instagram to help attendees participate in their wedding ceremony.

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14 Growth Hacks I Used To Drive 20 Million Views – Growing your business can be tough. In the past you cold called, built business networks and advertised in print. If you were into guerilla marketing then creating a PR stunt could work well. But I don’t like dressing up as a rabbit to sell Easter eggs. For most the opportunity of massive media reach like television was out of the question. Too expensive. So……the choices were few but the opportunity was also smaller. It…

How to Attract the C-Suite to Your Events – The insights and experience that come from interactive, interpersonal exchange — be it a salon, forum, conference, or a virtual roundtable — offer a unique experience that simply can’t be replicated in other formats and channels. Getting the right people in the room is key to your event’s success, and no audience is more challenging than the C-suite. The group is highly desired by marketers, but also frustratingly tough to con…

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